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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I took a ton of photos from Kara and I's Labor Day weekend in New York.  I just love the culture, art, museums, food and I could go on and on....I threw in a bunch of photographs that I'll probably repeat when I blog our restaurants we ate at...but here are some highlights.  We met BBC cyclist Cecelia Killough and 
Tammy Beaton and her sister Tonya Carr from Dallas there.

A shout out goes to Wynne native Ryan Lawson, who gave us excellent recommendations of where to go and where to stay away from in the city.  Many thanks Ryan!
I had the not-so-bright idea to get a cheap deli sandwich
at the famous Carnagie Deli when we got to New York...
Kara and I split the Turkey and Bacon sandwich that looked
as big as the Eiffel Tower,  split a french fry and had teas
with our Amstale Lights and our  total was $75...I'm not joking!
 We died when we got the ticket.  It was good and an experience!
Kara ordered up a Strawberry Cheesecake that we thought had
about 3,000 calories in was heavenly but our ticket was evil!

The other side of the Muse sits this beautiful
old church, there are many of those in the city

The Muse Hotel was fabulous!  A million thanks go to
Cecelia who picked it and booked it for the weekend.
It reminded me a lot of the Madison Hotel in Memphis and
Cecelia got a great deal on the rooms

I had the chance to see the Union Square Farmer's Market
Saturday morning while the others were doing the salon thing.
This has to be 5 different varieties of eggplant...

The Guggenheim had a photography exhibit that Kara and I loved
by Rineke Dijkstra throughout the museum.  Here's a link to her:

Ahh....Times Square

The 9/11 Memorial was really something...
they are rebuilding the towers...

The place was packed, it was well worth it.
You have to get tickets online

On Sunday there was a Brazilian extravaganza
on our street all day...Kara and I bought Whit
and Chloe some soccer jerseys

Jackie and I hiked the Highline back in May
and I knew our group would wanna see it.  It's
an abandoned elevated railroad in Chelsea that
spans several blocks.  It even has a grassy knoll
for children to play on, it's family and pet friendly.
Here's a link to its website: 

Our last lunch in the city....we went to Peels, delish!
And I can attest to the fire of their Bloody Maria which
is made with Jalopeno was hot and delish!

I think I can vouch for everyone on our trip that Craft was
our favorite!  We heard about it from fellow Presbyterian Elise
Barry whose son works was divine!

Here's Kara, Tonya Carr, Cecelia and Tammy
We had a great time getting to know each other
and one fact that we all shared was that we can
all haul tail in flip flops in New York City!  We
had to do that to get to Foxwoods Theater on time
to see was a great show!

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