Bern, Switzerland

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dang blurry we are headed to the hotel after the "train station situation" 

Bern Train Station

River Aar, Bern, Switzerland

Milano train station clock

This dog hopped in the fountain in downtown Bern

Milano Centrale train station, it opened in 1931

Chloe's shot of a fountain in the middle of one of the streets

Most of the streets in Bern and in Switzerland for that matter have this type of stone work on their roads

I wish we'd see a lot more bicycle friendly roads in America where you leave the gas guzzling car at home and ride
a bicycle to the grocery store or farmer's market for your needs

Chloe got this...notice East Birdeye's packing situation....those dummies brought roller bags PLUS a backpack.  West
Birdeye had only backpacks which mean stairs in train stations were no problem.  After a misstep by Jackie at the Bern
train station when he took off and Chloe and I followed (because we could because we weren't dragging something, no offense Kara) we got separated and a little frustrated.  East Birdeye didn't have any information of our hotel so it was
 a little dicy in there and Jackie learned to slow down with the roller bags

Chloe took this in Bern

Bear Park was opened in 1857 and is a sanctuary for Bern's symbol the bear.  We ate dinner next to Bear Park and Chloe
got this shot of a bear.  The place was renovated in 2009 to improve the sanctuary.

The River Aar goes right through Bern.  This photo reminds me of Venice.  The river has a low side where it's
customary for people to hop in and float around the river and get out on the other side.  We had planned to do this but
the river was high and dangerously fast that we opted out much to Whit's disappointment.  We did see fools floating in it though.  There's a trail along the river that we took to tour Bern, it was really nice.

Bern is the capital of Switzerland.  This is the Swiss Federal Building.  It was amazing that we could walk right up to it without guards all around like DC.
Chloe and Whit had a blast
Friday, July 1, 2016

Jackie has done it again.  He gets yet another shout out for perfect travel planning.  We drove to Atlanta and took a direct flight to Milan and then a train into Bern.  Jackie had everyone get a Swiss Pass for trains, cable cars and museums.  The pass was so nice to pull out and not have to wait at the window for tickets every time we needed a cable car or train, which was A LOT.  

Bern was our first stop where we'd planned to float in the popular River Aar but the current was so fast they didn't recommend tourists with no experience to do it.  Whit was sad but it looked to dangerous for that fella.  We all loved Bern and Bear Park.  The city's architecture was amazing and Bern is known for its museums and galleries.  Just two weeks ago, the Tour De France passed through Bern.

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