Big Canoe, Georgia

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tyler Trocchi, Chloe and Zoe Light, all 10th graders

Mia Trocchi, Chloe, Will Trocchi, Zoe Light, Drew McGraw, Tyler Trocchi and Gabe Light

Just a two minute drive away, we could kayak, paddle board, canoe, play on the lake equipment and hang out on a beach.
You can't walk there because the winding roads are too dangerous...I do wished they'd developed trails so you could walk with your beach bag and so forth.  The trails were a ton of fun and easy to get to

The play equipment on the lake...Zoe, Will, Gabe, Chloe and Tyler

Bill, Mitch, Heather, Amy, me, Chris and Leslie Jo (Jackie and Chloe we out on the golf course

Mia, Chloe, Zoe, Tyler, Drew, Will, Carter and Gage
Trocchi's, McGraw's, Light's and Smith's

The kids played games all night and ordered off the kids menu twice

Paddle boarding

Sunday, July 26, 2016

We enjoyed going to Big Canoe, Northwest of Atlanta to meet up with Jackie's Vandy classmates over the weekend.  Amy booked us a house with plenty of room and we hiked, swam, kayaked, canoed and played lots of games.  A shout out to Amy for knowing all the ins and outs of Big Canoe. School starts soon for all the kids...some belly ached some acted excited, lol!  Check out Big Canoe at:

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