Murren, Switzerland

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Chloe posing at Schilthorn with James Bond
A view from the Schilthorn cable car
Chloe got this of the famous 007 black birds from the 1968 film....
I got this one....
In the ice cave at Jungfrau...dang blurry camera
Chloe's a talented photographer...

Breakfast out of the chalet balcony in Murren


Chloe and Jackie

Cheese makers on the tour...the have to dip into that kettle at 125 degrees (I think it was) and get the curds out, drain then make it into cows milk cheese rounds....hard work!!!!!

Pigs at the cheese farm

Cattle on the cheese farm tour
There were so many waterfalls in Murren, they were breathtaking

This is a view from the town below Murren as we ride the cable car up to Murren

Chloe's room at our Chalet Candamo (the only 5 star chalet in Murren) was fantastic.  We all had our own bedrooms and
bathrooms, great balcony views of the Alps and grocery store, restaurants and shopping just steps away..
Another shout out to Jackie

No words

The cable car is amazing......this is from my camera coming up the cable car to Murren

Kara and I hiking to the Schilthorn...well, almost Schilthorn...the last leg
 of the hike was closed due to snow so we luckily had a bathroom break after
4 hours of hiking 3,500 feet to Birg where we took the cable car up...

On the way to Birg then to the Schilthorn

Everyone hated that I take photos like this but I had to....this is on the hike from Murren to Birg

A look down on the hike to Birg

This is at the cheese farm tasting in Gimmelwald

Murren to Birg hike

This is Gimmelwald to Murren hike the first day...Chloe got this along the river....

Gimmelwald to Murren hike

Whit and Chloe on our Murren to Birg/Schilthorn hike

Along the hike to Birg/Schilthorn....the name of the trail is Inferno

We had a fun time on the trip realizing that Whit, who rejected kids menus back to the waiter 10 times on the trip (kinda
embarrassing), that he'll eat the Salmon special and pasta special off the adult menu but we found him on multiple playgrounds along our trip...we love you Whit.  Thanks for keeping it real!

Murren to Birg/Schilthorn hike

Our cheese farm tour guide referred to this cow as a "panda" because of its markings

Looks like twins to me

A view from our hike back from the cheese farm to Murren

Chloe got this of a rooster at the cheese farm

Another Chloe photo....Dairy cows heading out to pasture

Two families run the cheese farm, the men handle the cattle and farm and these two make the cheese

Our cheese tasting table....impressive!

Each cheese was presented as "yesterday's, a month ago etc"

Chloe and I on our hike up to the cable car to Jungfrau...the highest point
in all of Europe....

Hike from Gimmelwald to Murren the first day

Sunday, July 3-9 2016

After a short stay in Bern, we were in Murren, just a train ride away.  Jackie rented a chalet and we ate local, cooked in a few nights, hiked most every day and had a great time.  Chloe and Whit played soccer with German speaking kids, Chloe and I played chess at the fitness center on an outside table, we hiked to Birg/Schilthorn (Schilthorn is where the 1969 James Bond film was filmed, it was amazing), had a cows milk farm tour, Jackie, Chloe and I biked in Lauterrburen, most of us hiked/climbed the Via Ferrata and overall Jackie gets the shout out for planning yet another perfect trip!!

I'll let the photos speak for themselves.  After Murren, we went to Lusanne and stayed 3 nights.  That blog to follow!!

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