Bulldog, Bald Knob, Ark.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We hit it right coming back from Eureka Springs from my cousin's wedding. We pulled into the Bulldog at a quarter till noon, just before the after church crowd. The Bulldog is about 45 minutes West of Birdeye. We've hit this spot many times with Chloe, who loves the chocolate milkshake and cheese sticks. Jackie got the hamburger and I got the barbeque chicken sandwich with coleslaw and we all split some tator tots. I always add a few packets of the hot sauce which takes it up a notch. On this leg of our trip, Chloe was ready to see Biscuit, so we got it to go and were home in no time.

Ahh, the Bulldog. Always good and right on the way.

My original review from last summer is below!

Aug. 6, 2009

On our trip to Oklahoma City for my 20 year class reunion, we stopped at an old time favorite, the Bulldog, in Bald Knob, on Chloe's request. She had expanders installed at her orthodontist earlier that morning, so where ever she wanted to go was certainly fine with us. The Bulldog has been a favorite for Jackie and I on the way to Fayetteville football games for nearly 14 years now. It is a "cook to order" style, no frills restaurant, that is famous for its barbecue and desserts. Chloe hopped out of the car right quick and headed on in to get her favorite Bulldog kids meal, the chicken strip with fries, a small homemade chocolate shake and a toy, which is a delight in the car even at this age. Jackie always gets the pork barbecue sandwich with coleslaw on it, onion rings and a large chocolate shake. He's been ordering this for 14 years now. I ordered the chicken barbecue with coleslaw and a diet coke, yes, no tea today with the 7 hour trip ahead and maybe just one onion ring. The sandwich is always fresh, has just the right amount of sauce on it, and is delicious. I was thrilled to have such a savory meal before getting to Edmond because my mother was in San Antonio for a skeet shooting championship and meals would be out of the fridge in Edmond. Jackie pronounced his sandwich as really good and Chloe tenderly ate her chicken after I skinned the breading off it. She ate quite good even though her mouth was sore.
The Bulldog is such a must when you are heading in this direction. We're usually running into Wynne people or Heber Springs people at this landmark restaurant but on a Thursday night, we sat around blue hair locals, they were certainly fun to watch. I think they were all regulars, they checked the specials board which boasted chicken fried steak and of course, strawberry shortcake (in season, it said) with ice cream. No dessert for me, the homemade chocolate shakes took care of the rest of my party.
The Bulldog, 3524 Hwy 367 N, Bald Knob, Ark. 501-724-5195

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