More Birdeye Daffodils

Saturday, April 3, 2010

What a beautiful Saturday! I was due to work but our college girls came back this weekend so we scheduled our weekend bike ride at 9:30 this morning. My yard is full of more daffodils and blooming trees so I've shared all these pictures...two trees I regret not photographing are the 50 year old Tulip Tree and Weeping Cherry. They were unbelievably beautiful attracting hundreds of bumble bees. The yard has a "hum" all day and it's refreshing. Now that we're back from the brutal 28 mile bike ride, I'll get my spinach, romaine and mesculin lettuce planted. I have seeds to plant squash, cucumber, herbs, eggplant etc, but we always have a late freeze around the last Saturday in April so I'll hold off on those till Mother's Day weekend.

I boiled 3 dozen of Chloe's fresh brown eggs this morning and have an egg dying thing planned with Kara late this afternoon. Looking forward to another Easter that Chloe still believes in the Easter Bunny....I doubt we'll have it next year!

The bikers are Chuck and Lisa Blanton, Beth and Stan Bradshaw, Martin and Jackie and I. I stalked Martin on the way to Harrisburg and told Jackie that was right where I wanted to be, he told Martin that and he left me in the dust on the way back finishing in a head wind 10 minutes quicker than me dang it!

BTW I am still blogging about the restaurants from Chloe's spring break trip to Washington DC, to be published soon!

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