Easter at Helen's, Birdeye

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wow, what a beautiful Easter Sunday! The past three years have been rain, freeze, rain, consecutively. Today was a morning temperature of 56 to a high of 80...no wonder the azaleas are trying to bloom two weeks early this year.

Chloe was up and at 'em at 7 am, ready to see what the Easter bunny brought her. This year her basket had no stuffed animals but a chocolate bunny, lots of things from the pre-teen store Justice, like nail polish, a scarf, etc. The bunny, me, hid a ton of eggs this morning. Kara and I decided to have the annual Birdeye Easter Egg Hunt at 9 am at her house and it was so fun in their PJ's.

After church we all headed to Jeanie's, who we call Helen on holidays. She had a delicious Honey Baked Ham, room temperature (which was fabulously moist instead of the warm, dried out ones we are all used to way back). Along with the ham was a wonderful homemade coleslaw (pic #3 recipe follows), Kara's cheese grits, baked beans and bread. Yes, Kara with a two week old, made grits, she said she was craving them....okie dokie, I'd be having that third nap of the day! I made a low fat chocolate cake with toasted pecans and ice cream that was surprisingly good from that favorite cookbook, Fresh. The slaw and grits were wonderful sides to a beautiful day.

Chloe decided she'd have dessert instead of heading out for the Easter Scavenger Hunt. So, we all partook then the kids got ready and headed out for Helen's hunt. Luckily this year the adults were kept out of the annual egg that usually has a $100 bill inside an egg, one year Counts Smith got one! Last year it was pouring down rain and we tossed fresh eggs into a bucket off the front porch. Chloe got a big bill last year and I'm proud to say she still has it. Hopefully that savings will continue! Helen had a scavenger hunt planned which was wonderful, then we headed to the pond for an egg toss that included adults. Martin, Kara, Jackie and the kids all had a good time tossing eggs into the trees in a hole from a woodpecker and to a painted target. Everyone enjoyed it, I think Kara won $100 and maybe Chloe, I was so busy with all the kid action, watching Whit get his boots from the house and head into the lake. Then we headed to let Grandad's ducks out for a swim in a round hay bale holder. The kids loved it and of course, the East Birdeye crew had their clothes off in, I'd say, 15 minutes. Then Whit begged twice to take it all off but Grandad said, "Whit, you've gotta keep 'em on," Whit replied, "Whhhhyyyyyy?," (yes, very long and nearly whinny), grandad's reply, "Because that water's been pooped in Whit," followed by laughs. Good times.

We were home by 4 pm and ready to attack my dog room and get it clean and tend to the garden but we had visitors, Benton and Alexis stopped by with Clarah Creighton and Tom B. The kids played and we got a second to catch up which was great. What a nice end to a really perfect day!

Jeanie's Fresh Coleslaw

1 package Cole slaw mix (be sure it's fresh and don't open until right before serving)
1 bell pepper, diced
1 bunch green onions, tops diced
1 container grape tomatoes, quartered
Celery seed, to taste
Course ground pepper, to taste

Open coleslaw and add the dressing it comes with, not too much, not too little and then add the rest of the ingredients. Serve immediately.

Happy Easter! I added pics of Whit on the fence of Grandad's duck pond, Jeanie's scavenger hunt, August 2 weeks old, the Easter table, Chloe, Whit and Stella after church...and then Chloe and Stella headed for the house.....

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