The Oasis, Eureka Springs

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jackie found this restaurant on the Internet that is known for it's authentic Mexican food. On the day of Jennifer's wedding, we had all of our nine family members heading to this restaurant that opened in 1988. Jackie got there first and realized there wasn't room for the whole crew, only tables of two with one four-top. I couldn't believe it, but he said to head somewhere else, so we went to the Mudd Street Cafe just across the street from the Basin Hotel. Jackie made such a stew about eating at the Oasis he talked my brother Craig and I into heading back to try it.

It was a no-frills restaurant. The decor was old photographs and the table cloths didn't match, I loved it. We were served homemade green salsa and chips, we all loved the salsa. I think it was a tomatillo based salsa with cilantro, onions, jalapenos, etc. Craig, of course, got a second helping served up to us that we all enjoyed on our lunch plates. Looking over the menu, I enjoyed reading the history of the restaurant, no website is available. "Oasis' original Arkansas-Mexican cuisine was born from kitchens and gardens of the counter-culture in and around Carroll County. This simple farmhouse style of cooking is the fusion of Mother Earth consciousness, campfire meals, authentic Mexican ingredients and fresh, from scratch artisenship." I was intrigued by this description...

After having plenty of time looking over the menu, the place had one waitress covering six 2 tops and our 3 top, I picked the Heavenly Frito Fie. It's a corn tortilla generously mounded with beans, chips, onions, bell peppers, jalapenos, mushrooms, tomatoes and chicken. As we drank our tea, no Margaritas are available, I was worried as usual, that I ordered the wrong thing. But much to my surprise, I ordered right. It was wonderful and perfect for me. It was served with a salad with tomatoes and a unique dressing with oil and vinegar. I really liked it's freshness.

Jackie ordered the Enchilada Special which had one chicken chipolte and one pork mole enchilada served with that same salad I got and beans. Not refried beans, not black beans but seasoned pinto beans. They reminded me of the Ranch style beans in the can you can get in the grocery store. They were homemade and delicious. My brother ordered the Enchilada Plate with one cheese, mushroom, and onion and one chicken chipolte enchilada. The plate is served with the salad, chips, sour cream and salsa. Craig's was $6.75 and Jackie's was $8.50. Not bad I'd say.

I noticed on the back of the menu and hanging on the walls, that the restaurant had been reviewed by the New York Times, Arkansas Democrat Gazette and the Arkansas Times, among others. I loved the fresh, thoughtful items and highly recommend patience to get a table and don't go with a group, keep it simple like the Oasis.

The pictures are from Jennifer's wedding at Thorncrown Chapel, Chloe and cousin Audrey, group photo before the wedding, and then two photos from the restaurant...

The Oasis, 53 C, Spring Street, Eureka Springs, AR 479-253-0886 (Located between Spring Street and Center Street on the staircase; Lunch Only, open everyday of the week, delivery downtown and catering available)

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