Pearl's Oyster House, Memphis

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pearl's was the perfect restaurant to get my friends together to celebrate 35 again. They don't take reservations but they did situate our 17 top off to the side which was perfect because we had a couch and a television for the boys over in our nook. Byrum was our waiter and handled our crew well, even when we had our party divided up, the boys over by the TV and the girls away from the TV, we still got our checks split. Jackie and I've been to Pearl's half a dozen times and have always loved it. Tonight we enjoyed visiting with our crew of good friends, we had lots of classic topics the ladies covered at my end of the table like our children, food, friends, etc.

Luckily, for this non-appetizer orderer, Jimmy and his lovely companion Beth, arrived early and had an order of fried pickles with a tangy Ranch sauce. They shared and we loved, loved them. Alexis got our crew an order and we passed them around until they disappeared. They were thin, delicate and crunchy.
For dinner I got the fish tacos as did Becca, and we joked when it was served with french fries and ketchup. I actually loved the fries and the three tacos on corn tortillas had a great chipolte sauce with lots of tomatoes. Joy loved her shrimp and grits and shared them with me. Kara got gumbo (that arrived late) along with peel and eat shrimp. Jackie loved his Char-grilled Oysters, I think this is his favorite place for oysters in Memphis. Who knows what all the boys ordered, they were too busy watching the TV and texting people. I so enjoyed catching up with dear friend Dara Bigger, fellow blogger Tara Burton and Dr. Beth who is doing a triathlon this weekend, wow!

Because just about everyone had a sitter on the clock, no dessert but check please! I'm glad Pearl's stood the test of serving our large party. I think everyone had a good time, I was excited about everyone rolling out for it. A shout out to Alexis who has gotten all of us to celebrate our own birthdays. Kara's planning a Derby watch party for all of us Saturday on my actual birthday. We're looking forward to it at her fabulous home. I'll have to check her garden, we both got our raised beds in and seeded. It will be a fun summer enjoying each others produce.

It's great to be 35 again. Our ride home with Joy and Martin and Kara was a classic. Lots of subjects were covered with lots of laughs. Thanks Joy for taking the wheel! Happy Birthday!

Pearl's Oyster House, 299 S. Main, Memphis, TN 901-522-9070

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