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Monday, March 22, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

After spending most of our day traveling to DC with Chloe for Spring Break, we arrived at our hotel and ventured across the street to this restaurant Jackie found on the Internet. I was thrilled it was so close to the hotel, we were tired and hungry. We'd driven to Nashville, flown to DC (barely making the flight) and then took the train to DC.

Jackie was worried that they didn't have a kid's menu but he said he did find a waffle on the menu that he thought Chloe would like. Of course I thought, "is there a restaurant on the planet without a kid's menu?", the answer is yes. What that really means is that children aren't preferred and our 9 year old was the only child in the restaurant. Jackie loved looking at it over the Internet because it's a Belgium restaurant with 50 Belgium beers. I was just tired at this point, 9 pm, and ready for dinner. We snacked on the airplane and train ride but it was a full day of travel and we were pooped. And I have to say Jackie gave Chloe and I an ultimatum on packing, that this trip would be a test for taking us on an international trip, so packing light, a backpack for each of us with a small roller bag was all he'd allow. Chloe and I were proud to have followed the rules and Jackie was equally proud of our performance.

But now it was time to eat...we were welcomed and seated immediately in the nearly packed restaurant. I loved the feel of the restaurant and admired the Chef's tasting table that we had to walk past to get to our booth in the back, you can see the table on the website. I wonder now if we were seated there because of Chloe. Then at the end of our meal, a young and pregnant couple were being seated next to us, but the gentleman looked at Chloe and I and said, "No, seat us elsewhere." I just smirked thinking of the awakening he'd have when that baby was born soon. If he's anything like us, his life will change and he'll start eating at and appreciating the kid friendly establishments out there. If I weren't from the south, I'd have given him a dirty look or rolled my eyes.

Jackie ordered up one of those beers he'd come to DC to partake of, the Antigoon Double Blonde Ale. I sipped it just to see and I thought it was horrible, but that is coming from a non-beer drinker. I ordered a glass of Cabernet but the waiter suggested a Bordeaux half-bottle. I have never had a French wine before in my life and I loved it's depth. It was a Chateau Haut-Beausejour, 2006 Saint-Estephe, France.

Chloe, of course, ordered the Belgium waffle with chocolate sauce and ice cream for dinner. It almost put me over the edge but it literally was the only thing on the menu for her and she loved it, but didn't care that much for the chocolate sauce. Jackie had the fillet served with very thin, crispy french fries that he loved. What an unusual touch. I had the Trout with lemon caper sauce and creamed potatoes. It was the right size plate, I was thrilled it wasn't huge, it was perfectly cooked and sized for me.

We really enjoyed the meal and our waiter, El Most Afa (that name was printed on the receipt), was really efficient and accommodating. I recommend this restaurant and hope to go again. The next day Jackie went back to watch the basketball tournament while Chloe and I napped after all the museums and touring around. The bar was packed that afternoon when we came in to take him to eat sushi, he loved getting another one of those unique Belgium beers. And I can report the ladies room was in perfect shape with those towels by the door.

Braissere Beck, 1101 W. K, NW, Washington D.C., 202-408-1717 A very upscale website, one of my favorites!

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