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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It was another beautiful day in Chicago! Even though I knew about the time change this morning, I was still up at 'em. Wendy had another working day, so she and the girls slept in. I was ready to move it along, and ran another 6 miles then got inside just in time during a spring rain shower. I was ready to get packed and out of their way. Her girls are so sweet in the morning...I love, love the mornings, that's where I just am every day...nights, not so much...

We got it together and ventured downtown before her workday. We were headed to the Chicago Institute of Art for lunch, but they were going to charge us the museum fee to eat at the cafe so we went across the street to the Gage. We had planned to tour the museum but ran out of time. The Gage is located just around the corner from the Symphony Hall. It featured a nice cold air nook over the front entrance, and we were delighted to be seated right away on this Sunday afternoon. We were offered bottled or tap water and of course, we got tap. Unless you live in area with bad water like a third world country, why would you ever get bottled? What a waste of bottles and energy.

Our waiter offered the day's specials and we both went with the daily soup and half sandwich. The soup was Turnip Soup, it was so creamy but really needed some salt and pepper. Wendy and I both agreed it was quite bland. But oh the sandwich....I ordered the Fire Roasted Chicken sandwich with blue cheese, fresh basil, Frank's hot sauce on Cuban bread. I loved, loved it. Wendy ordered the Roasted Woodland Mushroom sandwich with watercress, radicchio, pecorino and truffle ailoi on a toasted malt roll. Of the two, hers was our favorite! Both our orders came with french fries and Wendy asked for mayonnaise instead of ketchup for hers because everyone in Paris does that...okay, I tried it and it wasn't bad I will say. Another new thing to try back home! We loved our efficient waiter and having another meal to talk about old times and our girls.

The Gage is a beautiful restaurant located across the street from The Art Institute of Chicago on Michigan Ave. You'll love, love the feel of the restaurant. Wendy says the symphony goers rave about dinner before a performance.

The Gage, 24 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago,IL 312-372-4342 Check out this beautiful website!

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