The Daily Grill, Washington D.C.

Monday, March 22, 2010

On the recommendation of our hotel, The Mayflower, we had lunch a short 2 blocks away. We were the first to arrive at the upscale restaurant at 11:30 in a rain shower, we tried to get in but the door was locked, I did see someone inside but they ignored us. Luckily, the bellman at the Mayflower, loaned us a huge umbrella that we stood under for I'd say 5 minutes. Yes, I was amazed at this, when I actually caught the eye of the waiters and host behind the hostess stand. Hmmm...luckily 11:31 rolled around (ha!), and we were welcomed in and seated near the window in a booth. I've learned over the years to not complain in restaurants with Jackie so I held in my past comments of, "let's go somewhere else," or even tougher to the waitress, "I can't believe the host, which acted like the restaurant's manager, ignored us, standing in the rain trying to get in the place," and "how rude". But I've learned after 17 years, I'm wasting my breath. I do think most of the time Jackie is right here.

We loved the feel of the well-lighted large restaurant and we had a wonderful waitress, Anika, that came on over and got our drink order. Chloe was starving, so with her order of lemonade, we ordered her lunch. This is something I've learned over the years when taking children to lunch, don't make them wait with the adults for their meal when they're hungry. Chloe ordered the kid's spaghetti with marinara. She was so excited because she hadn't had spaghetti yet on our trip. And it was out first and she went to town on it. My Itouch was the perfect thing to whip out of my purse, they didn't have crayons and the usual coloring book menu, so she enjoyed watching "G Force", which is about Guinea pigs. I think she watched that movie 10 times on this trip!

I ordered off the specials menu and got the Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos with two fresh corn tortillas with cabbage, radishes, cilantro with a chipolte aioli sauce with black beans and rice. I loved, loved the freshness of the tortilla and the crunch of the cabbage and radishes and you know I love cilantro. These were some of the best fish tacos I've had. I mean that.

I did pull a rare thing and ordered an appetizer with Chloe's lunch. I ordered the Trio of Hummus for a light snack, we all were really hungry since we got up at Dana's and took the train in from Springfield to DC and had to check in. I enjoyed comparing the three dips and liked the Kalamata Hummus over the Sun-dried Tomato and Traditional Hummus. I loved the fresh, thin sliced cucumbers and flat bread to dip with. Jackie wasn't too into the Hummus, but what do you expect from an appetizer-hater?

Jackie ordered the fish sandwich served with shoestring fries also off the specials menu. He did make the comment that he liked the fries back at Beck's but these were good nonetheless. Luckily he shared a bite of his sandwich which was Mahi Mahi topped with red onions and a remoulade slaw. Very good and very huge!

To my surprise while researching this good restaurant, I found out it is a chain with locations all over the country. Amazing! We did like our experience at the Daily Grill, the place was very packed when we left, full of professionals galore.

I added a picture of Chloe climbing the steps of the Supreme Court!

The Daily Grill, 1200 8th St. NW, Washington DC, 202-822-5282

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