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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

After spending two days in DC, Jackie, Chloe and I took the Metra train to the end of the line in Springfield, Virginia to spend the afternoon and night with one of my college roommates Dana Sherwood Holroyd. It was a short train ride and her fabulous husband Troy picked us up at the station and drove us to their home. I hadn't seen Dana in probably seven years. We had a wonderful time catching up on her patio where Chloe and her two children Sydney and Aidan played so easily. I brought them both a little gift of toys with Chloe's favorite loud silly putty called Flarp. They had tons of laughs with the $1.99 gift. When the sitter arrived we were off to dinner.

Troy and Dana both remarked they don't eat out much and always wanted to go to this restaurant. Mike's is an American restaurant with a beautiful open lobby and huge bar with tons of tv's and seating. We were quickly seated in the rear of the restaurant in a booth which we loved. We had a wonderful young waiter named Anthony, (Anthon E was on the receipt), and he brought the boys beer and Dana and I a glass of Arido Mendoza Malbec. We loved it and the wine was served in a small beer glass, very unusual but a nice touch. Anthony also served ice-less water as well which I loved. We all enjoyed visiting and telling old stories on Dana and I, lots and lots of laughs.

Dana and I met in Fayetteville on campus in 1989...we were pledge sisters, she from Magnolia, Ark., and me, of course, from Oklahoma City. Dana and I had a lot of things in common but one thing Dana taught me about was recycling. There is a bad story on me littering out her car door and she stopped her 1985 Impala Hatchback to say, "Keeli, get that and pick it up, you're not littering in my car!", I have never been the same since. Dana is a true Southern lady with all the etiquette and manners you'd expect. Too bad she's so dang far away...she's the same as always, we just pick up where we left off....

On to dinner, I ordered the special that was recommended, the Hickory Grilled Rockfish with basil redskin mashed potatoes and cream sauce. It was really good. I don't have Rockfish very often and I loved its meaty texture. Jackie ordered the Filet and Crab cake and remarked his steak was perfect, "one of the best steaks I've had," and added the crab cake was one of the best. It was a nice combination.

No dessert for us, but we were all surprised when it was 7 p.m. and we were done with dinner. The restaurant was packed when we left, we were surrounded by a huge family in the booths around us with infants to grandmothers. We enjoyed watching them with all the kids and action. Dana stated it was no time to go home since we had a sitter we were sharing so they voted to go to Kate's Irish Pub around the corner. Well, we did and it was empty on that Sunday night but we enjoyed visiting more in it's pool hall. It looked like a real festive place.

Mike's was a fabulous find for Dana and Troy and us. You'll love the efficient waitstaff, excellent seafood and steaks and the place was very neat and clean with lots of wood and good lighting. I can also report when you find the bathroom on the bottom floor, it was in perfect shape. Mike's is definitely a restaurant Dana and Troy will have to go to again for good food and lots of laughs.

I added a pic of the kiddo's Monday morning before we left, they all played so well together!! We'll have to get Dana and Troy to come to the Delta next...

Mike's American Grill, 6210 Blacklick Rd., Springfield, VA, 703-644-7100 www.greatamericanrestaurants.com/Mikesmain

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