Bread Winners Cafe, Dallas

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

On this beautiful Sunday morning in Dallas, Leigh Anne, Doug and I ventured into this Dallas chain. Luckily we beat the Sunday church crowd when we got there, the place was packed when we left. We were promptly seated by the window with a good view of the cafe. It was new with stained concrete floors, brick walls and lots of windows. Very clean and the cases were full of pastry delights and homemade dog treats that I got for Chloe's dog Biscuit.

Our waiter was Snowden and offered us all coffee and Doug ordered the sticky bun and OMG, it was divine. Once we got into it, I wanted to put it in my carry on but decided I better not. Jacqueline also joined us and it was great to see her again. She's so sweet and very fashionable. I think Leigh Anne and Jacqueline should be personal shoppers. They have the "know how" on clothes and accessories. It's always fun to be with them. I added a pic of some of the hostess for the shower, Jacqueline is second from right.

Back to the food, there was a menu with Sunday Brunch items and the waiter suggested I order the Benedict special which was the Club Benedict with bacon, asparagus and those wonderful poached eggs on top. It was good and huge as I left half of it in tact. It was served with Rosemary Brunch Potatoes that were really good. Leigh Anne ordered the Special Casserole with asparagus and ham. We all enjoyed re-hashing the wonderful baby shower which was hosted by Leigh Anne's Junior League friends and of course me, Jacqueline and Maria. It was a wonderful weekend in Dallas.

Bread Winners is a good bakery bistro that also serves dinner. Leigh Anne and Jacqueline said that dinner was good but overpriced. Our brunch today was perfect and only $21.00 for my part but the coffee was $2.59 per cup. I picked up a loaf of the Cinnamon Raisin Bread and those dog treats for Biscuit. That bread was amazing and Biscuit said the treats were good since he and Tu Jague finished them off late that night.

Bread Winners Cafe, 5560 Lovers Lane, Dallas 214-754-4940

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