Badlands, South Dakota

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


First day of biking in the Badlands

Chloe climbing the Badlands, South favorite photo of the trip

Chloe won the Polka Dotted Jersey several days in a row....(that's the hill climber in the Tour De France in case
you didn't know....:))

Hiking in the Badlands

This is a descent with motorcycles all around me after that big hike

First day in the Badlands, beautiful

Saturday, July 25, 2015

We arrived late in the afternoon in the Badlands, about 4 hours from Sioux Falls.  Jackie got a cool cabin in the Badlands National Park where we stayed for two nights.  The park is covered in beautiful landscape, hiking trails and we rode bikes both days in the park.  Chloe and Jackie went to an after dark astrology course put on by the park that they loved.  It was beautiful weather there and great weather during our entire trip.  It was 105 both afternoons so we had late lunches, took a nap and tried to stay out of the heat.  We did our riding and hiking both mornings.  I will say the restaurant at the park wasn't that great so we were glad we came with provisions from Sioux Falls and had lunch and breakfast inside the cabin.  We recommend seeing the Badlands, it was ultra cool.  Next we went on to Custer State Park for three nights to hike, see Mount Rushmore and Crazy to come...

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