Summer Vacation Quotes, 2015

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Chloe took this cool picture

Custer State Park, Sylvan Lake

You know there's gotta be a selfie in here somewhere

Chloe got this on our Buffalo Safari Tour.  We highly recommend this tour, very educational

My favorite photo of Chloe climbing in the Badlands, South Dakota
August 1, 2015

Happy Birthday to my brother Craig! I sent him one of my favorite birthday cards, I cannot wait for him to get it...hahahahahaha!

Ok, I'm uploading a gazillion photos from the past week and while they're doing their thing, I have GOT to share our quote list.  It's hilarious, I cannot stop laughing!

1. "I don't care if you have I.V.'s in you on a gurney, we're sticking to the plan" -Jackie referring me trying to cut down on the number of miles in the saddle at Custer to Hill City.
2. "Where's the offering plate and microphone?  He  needs donations..." -Chloe referring to Jackie's preaching about cutting down the miles.
3. "Crazy Horse is who's driving the car" -Me
4. "I've got everything under control"- Jackie
5. "Every time I close my eyes, I see a line of motorcycles" -Chloe
6. "What is that doritos?" -Jackie after smelling Chloe's belch
7. "Preach, preacher" -Chloe on Jackie's lecture
8. "Only I can say stick it" -me "Duh, Dad" -Chloe
9. "They've weathered bigger storms than that"- Chloe in response to two old ladies in the Mount Rushmore gift shop when they said "it smells like something died over there," while shopping for magnets and they kept shopping. Chloe witnessed two teenage boys look at each other and walk away, must have been them lol.
10. "Sir, what's your name? Marvin? welcome Marvin" -our buffalo safari tour guide got his name wrong
11. "It's a love hate relationship" -our buffalo tour guide referring to the 750,000 harley davidson riders in the Custer State Park for the three week Sturgis party
12. "Who ate my special K protein bar?" -Jackie
13. "My God, do you expect me to go to bed at 6:45? I walked around and saw chuck wagons roll in, had a milky way and listened to the the people singing" -Jackie the night before we rode from Custer to Hill City.
14. "Where do you want these (fruit snacks)?"-me to Chloe "On my bike so I can eat them at a rest stop while I'm waiting on you two" -Chloe

In adition, we referred to dad as "Rocket Dog" a meerkat on Meerkat Mannor because he's always looking around being the big dog. I was referred to as the Cat Broker when I was texting Mel Harvey and Andrea Gentry about adopting our kitten Boom Boom then sending both to the West Memphis Animal Shelter.  Chloe was Peter Jackson for movie making and the Royal Baby, we called her "Her Highness".

More blogs to come.  We went last night to Jackie's very first Major League Soccer match in Kansas City and Chloe and I loved it even though we were pooped from the 12 hour drive there from Deadwood.  It really was something to see.

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