Chicago 2015

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wendy's girls Ayelet 6 years, Chloe and Maytal 8 years

Before Ravinia, Wendy took us to Sushi Kookie and I was thrilled
Chloe loved it.  Go Chloe!

Before we left for Chicago, I got this photo of Pharaoh and Boom Boom

Chloe babysat August and Stella before we left for South Dakota
Chloe and I had a little spot in the park to watch Wendy play

Chicago Symphony Orchestra at Ravinia Festival

Dang blurry, but this is Ravinia

Chloe and I rode 19 miles on the Brookfield Zoo trail just northwest of Wendy's house

The bean, Downtown Chicago

Chloe took this

Eran plays cello in Grant Park's Symphony Orchestra every summer.  The park is outstanding and Eran mentioned that
this 10 week music festival is the only one in the country that is free to the public.  That's awesome!  And it was awesome!

Eran there right in the middle

Millennium Park

Grant Park Symphony Orchestra

Sunday morning Chloe and I rode the Lakefront Trail downtown Chicago

Then we added on seeing Taylor Swift in Soldier Field

It was a good concert with about 55,000 people there, the biggest concert I've ever been to

Taylor is known for special guests at every concert, this is Sam Hunt.  They sang his single "Take your time"
There was another camp for Chloe this year, Ferncliff in Little Rock

Chloe had a hard time getting cousin Audrey to pose in photos this year but here they are

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Audrey rock climbing

Somehow the infamous Celo (Ferncliff camp counselor from England) got a hold of Chloe's camera.
He's a real ham they said.
July 16, 2015

Chloe and cousin Audrey went to Ferncliff's Night Owl camp this year.  They had a blast and I cannot wait to get them together to rehash it.  We didn't get to do that this year because both Kathy and I added trips the day before the camp was over.  She headed to Florida and Chloe and I went to Chicago.  I had the itch all summer to figure out how I could see Wendy and Eran with their girls and see her play Ravinia and Eran in the Grant Park Symphony.  So we made it happen and it was a great three day weekend.  I got to hear about camp all the way to Chicago but again, I wanna hear both of the girls rendition of it.  I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story from late July.

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