Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sioux Falls has a 20 mile trail from downtown, past the Falls Farmer's Market and around.
This is starting out from downtown

You can see some falls along this part of the Big Sioux River

I give myself a black star for not using Jackie's extra cup holder to take one of the three Cokes I had packed....
we stopped a trailhead so he could ride over to Fairfield Inn and get me one.  Here we are resting.

Friday, July 24, 2015

We set off from Birdeye at 5 am (Chloe's recommendation, can you believe it?) for Souix Falls, South Dakota, about 12 hours away.  Jackie and I both agreed that it was the smoothest 12 hour trip we've ever had.  (We do these 12 hour trips to Crested Butte during spring break and we've gone to Jacksonville, FL too)

What a delight Souix Falls was!  I highly encourage all of you to consider this place for a family vacation.  We stayed right on the Big Sioux River downtown.  It has a cool river walk filled with splash parks and bridges to walk over to restaurants and about a mile away is the Falls Park Farmer's Market.  We were only there one day but fell in love with it.  We also had excellent authentic Mexican food at Jacky's.  I highly recommend it when in Sioux Falls.  We need to go back again.

The trail we did Saturday morning is a 20 mile loop and Chloe did it with no problem.  I think with her new Specialized Hybird Ariel, she needs to ride instead of babysit during the Birdeye Bicycle Club's group rides.  Just saying.

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