Custer State Park 2015

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Chloe filming Jackie taking his bike back over the creek.  We couldn't help but crack up!

Hiking the Little Devil Tower off the Needles Highway

Tame buck along the hiking trail

Buffalo on our safari

The smart road biker waiting for a car to shield him along the man!

Leaving the park for Custer to ride the Rails to Trails George Mickelson Trail we came across this male not far from
our cabin.  There was a road cyclist from Minnesota waiting there afraid to pass him, we shielded him with our car so he
could pass safely.  Our tour guide said buffalo can get testy and to never trust them because of their speed and agility.  He
said females can top 35 mph and can jump a 6 foot fence.  Breeding season is also July and August so that was one
smart cyclist!

Antelope on the Wildlife Loop

Burro on the loop

Jackie took us on a part of the Centennial Trail at Custer State Park.  As you can see, it really was a trail for horses
This is one of several tours of horses on our shared trail.  There were I'd say, 50 horse trailers parked at the campgrounds
near Centennial Trail Head.

Some dummy in Custer State Park added like 5 inches or more of sand along parts of the trail and we spun out a bunch

There were also a gazillion trees down on the trail which was fine for horses but meant a ton of dismounting for us.
I would say we only got a mile or so until the first waist deep creek.  Custer really should change this leg of the trail
to a hiker and horse trail and leave the bikes out of it.

A doe hanging out.  The deer in Custer State Park were very tame, they don't scamper and panic and run like they
do in Eastern Arkansas.  She was very cool about watching us ride by and she was there on our way back 

The waist deep creek.  Chloe said, "let's do it mom, it'll be a great adventure"

Then here's Jackie taking his bike back across.  Talk about learning a lesson

On the Wildlife Loop there were prairie dogs, antelope, deer and these burros 

Selfie on the Buffalo Safari

I wish I could remember our safari tour guide's name, but he told us so many facts regarding buffalo.
The oldest female runs the show, bucks until about 2 can stay in the herd and there are a ton of small herds
among the 1,400 buffalo in Custer State Park.

Close up

This baby he said was about a month old

On the Little Devil's Tower trail

Custer State Park reminded us a ton of the beautiful Dolamites we got to see last year in Northern Italy

Canoeing on Sylvan Lake

I stayed on dry land during the canoe trip (of course).  I should mention that on the Centennial Trail, I went in the
water trying to cross back over.  My new insulin pump and sensor CLAIM to be waterproof but my last one did too,
so I panicked and got out fast and everything was okay.  Another reason I don't like the water with all my equipment

July 25, 2015

We arrived at Custer State Park on Saturday, July 25, 2015 and stayed in a cool cabin at the Blue Bell lodge.  The park boasts 5 lodges spaced out across the 71,000 acre park.  It really was a great park, thanks Jackie for being our Rick Steves tour guide again and doing a great job of planning our vacation.  We stayed three nights in the cabins, sightseeing, hiking, tried to mountain bike one day, went on a buffalo safari and had great dinners at several of the lodges. I'll let the photos take it from here.

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