Back to School 2015, Birdeye

Monday, August 31, 2015

Cousins Whit (5th), August (K), Linton, (4th), Stella (3rd), CoCo (9th), Reece (preK) and Katie (2nd) This was taken
next door at Stan and Beth's, they have a splendid home!

Here's Pharoah and Sunny, a kitten we're fostering....He's so good with cats even though he is a sighthound

Beth texted me this photo of Chloe (6 yr) and Linton (1 yr) ....Chloe's dressed in her jockey
Halloween cute, blurry I know, but great memories!
Monday, August 17, 2015

We have a high schooler!  Chloe started 9th grade with toenails painted, eye brows plucked, makeup done (I'll elaborate on that experience at the Macy's Mac counter at Oak Court Mall in a minute) and backpack ready.  She's so stinking cute and we're so proud of her.  She's loaded down with 4 advanced classes, she's on the high school golf team and continuing piano.  She's also writing for the school newspaper and yearbook (something her dad and I did in high school too:)).  We're finally packed up from another successful Midsouth Kids Triathlon which was two weeks ago.  So hopefully I'll get caught up on blogging.  Happy rest of the summer ya'll!

PS. I've got a great story about having Chloe's makeup done for the first time.  I had an appointment to get my gray roots colored the Wednesday before Chloe started school so I had her eye brows done for the first time and she had a pedicure.  After that, we went over to the mall next door and had an appointment with a Mac cosmetics stylist.  Well they wrote it down on the wrong day but we were able to get in with a little wait.  Her artist was really a man....I kept looking at him not staring too much.  He was very patient with Chloe, did a great job showing her how to "cover her red spots" instead of calling it acne, which it is.  (Her dermatologist started her on prescription scrubs and ointments about a month ago, it's better but she has my skin which is yucky).  I confirmed it was a man when I saw his tatoo on his arm that said, "Momma's Boy".  Next time you're in Macy's Oak Court, go by and see if she/he's there.  :)  Btw, Chloe didn't know the difference...wigs, makeup and nail polish and shaved arms works.
Chloe running to get on her bike at the kids tri

Whit, red goggles, about to start his swim leg.  This is, by far, my favorite age group to watch during the kids triathlon

our 9th grader

After the first day of school, we went to meet the levee board over at the Memphis Redbirds game.  It was the Susan G
Komen game.  We had a splendid box as you can see.

Stan and Katie before the kids tri

Me, Chloe, Pierce Hill and Whit...these three have done our kids tri 5 years in a row so they got a pair of goggles

August at the finish line, he, Stella, Whit and Chloe all got trophies this year

Stella, she had a bad black eye from two nights before....due to falling out of a bed

This past Saturday we all went to the fabulous Wilson Cafe in Wilson, Ark.  We highly recommend it for dinner or lunch.
front, Martin, Kara, me over her shoulder, Mel and Jerry Harvey and Cecelia, back row: Kyle, John, Jackie, Neall,
Becca Joy, Ashley and Jon David King and Beth and Jimmy Huff.  We had a great time and celebrated Mel's first night
out since she broke her collar bone after being hit by a dog on her bicycle.  We also celebrated Neall, Jon David and Joy's
birthdays in August.

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