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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Jackie! Jackie wouldn't let me throw a party or do anything for his 40th, so I settled for dinner at the famous rib restaurant in Memphis, the Rendezvous. It's located in an alley between 3rd and Union Avenue in downtown Memphis. We parked at Parking Can Be Fun, a notorious parking garage on Union Avenue between Main and Front Street. It's notorious because no matter where we are going to in downtown Memphis, Jackie always, and I mean always, parks here. It's usually $2 which you can beat anywhere. One time in 2006, we had dinner reservations for our group of 14 and were running late. We had to go all the way to the roof and quickly parked, kinda slanted, and when we got back to the car we had a rude note on the windshield. It said, "blank you, learn how to park your tractor". It was in my Expedition and we had closely parked to a Mercedes Benz. Go figure.

We had a huge party slated for the Rendezvous and had 5 drop out at the last minute. So it was mainly family and biking buddies. I loved, loved that we had only a 10 minute wait and had a server that has been there for at least 15 years, Rob Jr, server number 13 on my receipt. Jackie and I first went to the Rendezvous in 1991 I believe. I'll have to ask him if that's the right year. We've gone several times with large groups, one time with Tom B., Jackie's uncle and had a blast before an Ole Miss game. It was rowdy to say the least.

Tonight was low key which I like. I think Becca and I were the only outsiders when ordering. Everyone else got the "full rib order". We both had a chopped chicken sandwich with their famous homemade cole slaw and beans. I have to say, I love both of them, love, love them! We did start off with a cheese and sausage platter, I'd say 4 of them. These are long log looking Colby cheese sticks, smoked sausage, dill pickle spear, banana peppers and all topped with a few shakes of their famous Rendezvous rub. And saltine crackers in little packages on the side. I have to say this is a great tradition, and I don't like appetizers, but this one is a must. I believe the only beer they serve in pitchers is any Michelob product.

As the driver of the gang and a cake on the table and Martin itching to go see his Oklahoma State Cowboys play on a random Thursday night (and OSU really stinks this year), I loaded the crew up and headed for The Blue Monkey that Neall and Becca recommended for TV watching. Just a few short blocks away, walking was way too far, we arrived to a half empty restaurant. We had cake and delicious unsweet tea, Kara and I agreed. The cake was made by Cathy Helton, a local cake maker that I adore, it was the most delicious Coconut Cream Cake, Jackie's favorite. Singing Happy Birthday to both Jackie and youngen Becca was a ton of fun. It's great to celebrate birthdays with good friends.

Make sure the Rendezvous and the Blue Monkey get on your list of restaurants. We loved both of them.

Rendezvous, downtown alley behind 52 South Second, Memphis, 901-523-2746 You can have ribs and anything off the menu FEDEXED to you, how wonderful!

The Blue Monkey, 512 S. Front, Memphis 901-527-6665

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