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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday, October 29, 2010

What a beautiful day for a football game! Jackie and I made our way to Dickson Street to have lunch at one of my favorite places. Jose's has been a landmark Mexican restaurant on Dickson Street for forever. We used to eat here during college in the 80's. It's been remodeled and they've added an Italian restaurant next door. Luckily today, with a 6 pm kickoff, the patio wasn't packed so we sat at a table in the shade.

My favorite thing on Jose's menu is the Veggie Tacos. Two flour tortillas filled with guacamole, lettuce, cheese, black olives, mushrooms, pico and sesame seeds and it's served with all the house chips and salsa you want. I loved these tacos and I swear they had some sprouts on there too. Jackie had enchiladas and loved them. A band started up about an hour after we were there and played a lot of songs we all know. They also played a totally random Bonnie Rait love song and one from the guy that sang Oh Maggie, what was his name?? Anyhow, we loved the excellent lunch and relaxing day on the patio.

We love to park at the Walton Arts Center on Dickson for football games and walk over to the stadium. I added pictures from the campus, it was beautiful and filled with lots of fall color. We split a sitter with Counts Louise and Stephen so Chloe could play with her cousins Counts Elizabeth, Allie and Stephen, junior. They had a great time and always pick up where they leave off.

I just love Jose's food and landmark atmosphere. Be sure and get there hungry, those chips and salsa could almost feed you for lunch. And get the veggies tacos, I added some Japs to it and it was great! I think we'll have enchiladas or tacos for dinner tonight...

Jose's, 324 W. Dickson St., Fayetteville, Ark 479-521-0194

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