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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Okay this Saturday morning I did my favorite dvd...P90X. I saw it on TV the night before the Little Rock Marathon in March. I knew my knees were totally bad before the event but when I crossed the finish line, I had bone on bone pain in my knees and crippling pain in my hips. I decided that Monday morning that I would get this DVD. Yes, I paid $150 for it but have loved, loved it. I haven't LOST A POUND...but I just know I can really beat someone up in an alley...lol! I have the pull up bar in my kitchen...I have to confess I can barely even now do ONE pull up without my toe on a chair. This morning I did my usual workout before work and Tu Jaque was totally passed out on the couch, as usual, and I paused in between Warrior Three and Half Moon on p90x yoga (my goodness, it's a tough, tough routine but I love, love it) and took a picture of him...I needed a break after 30 vinyasa's.

As a former half marathoner and Cathe Fredrick lover, I highly recommend p90x. Get your weights at Craigs List and go to town. If you're like me, you work out 6 days a week and still eat like you should be, out of the garden with plenty of olive oil...

I added pictures of Chloe pulling Biscuit on her skateboard...fun times...

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