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Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday, October 14, 2010

Beth, Kara and I loaded up our bikes Friday morning to meet the boys at Keeneland Race Track in Versailles, Kentucky. I thought it would be so fun to have lunch with cousin Blaine Smith, who is getting her PHD at Vanderbilt and my cousin Amy Dickey, who is getting her MD at Vanderbilt. Amy was doing a rotation in China so just Blaine joined us at SATCO, one of Jackie's favorite restaurants on the edge of Vanderbilt's campus.

The place was packed! We tried to park right next to SATCO, but the security guard said is was for Panera Bread customers only. Even our smiles and winks wouldn't let us park there, he meant business. When Jackie was in school there it was the same way. Parking is an issue, just turn back behind the restaurant and park by a meter or like we did in a 2 hour parking spot on the street.

The line was long to order but when we made it up to the order counter, you get your slip of paper and pencil and write it down to hand it to the cashier. Blaine recommended the chicken fajita taco and I also ordered the guacamole taco and queso and chips. You can get refills of chips and all the salsa and pico de gallo you want, spicy or mild. I added the hot pico and salsa to my tray and thoroughly enjoyed it. That pico was spicy with onion, japs and lots of cilantro. And I have to say that queso was one of my favorites ever.

We sat outside on the patio at a table in the shade and enjoyed our tacos and the conversation. Blaine said her classes were going well and she was teaching a graduate writing class with 20 students. She said she loves it and has 2-1/2 years left. She's into yoga and recently saw Nicole Kidman in her yoga class. She said she was beautiful!

SATCO certainly delivers delicious tacos and queso and I recommend getting a table out on the patio. Buckets of beer are super popular, most of the patio people were enjoying their ales. Our unsweet tea was okay but I am a critic of brewed unsweet iced tea. My favorite is Starbucks and my second favorite is McDonald's because it's strong and only $1.

Pictured is Kara, Blaine, Beth and me.

San Antonio Taco Company, 412 21st. Ave South, Nashville, 615-327-4322

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