Biscuit's Birfday Partee, Birdeye

Monday, April 23, 2012

Here's foster dog Reagan gettin a bath...he is a water dog
and did very well in the tub, we could tell he's been
in there before

Chloe has a great way with the dogs....

A great shot of Reagan...

Chloe's babysitting Gumball's brother who lives up the street,
he is house trained and Gumball isn't, interesting....
Max has excellent manners in the tub!

The party...Back row: Maggie Miller, Kate Davis, Margaret
Woodruff, Chloe with Biscuit and Whit
Middle: Anna Claire Dallas and Kelly Glover
Front row: Stella, Rose Meyer and Julia Shepherd

Our tradition of "Pin the Tail on Pudge" was a big hit
I think, here's Kelly Glover

Here's Coco doing it too while Whit watched...

Here's another BFF Kate Davis who ended up winning the
closest pin the tail on pudge...

The cake was DELICIOUS and made by Cathy Helton,  btw

This side of the table (can you see that we painted it when
Chloe turned 7 with her friends, a great project)...A big thanks
to Joy for helping with the party!

This side of the table with Chloe's poster of Pudge in Stripes

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day Ya'll!  What a great day it was having Chloe's friends over and her cousins to celebrate Biscuit's 6th birfday.  He loved having people over and was a good host.  We had Margaret Woodruff, Maggie Miller, Kelly Glover, Anna Claire Dallas, Kate Davis, Julia Shepherd, Rose Jackson, Whit and Stella and uninvited Sicily, the Dalmatian, came over starting fights, we were all glad when her grumpy tail left.  We played our traditional game, Pin the Tail on Pudge.  It was great fun even though everyone was around 11 years old.  I wonder how long we'll do these parties....BUT it was fun.  Chloe asked for no gifts but just to recycle an old dog toy and take one of Biscuit's back or to recycle flip flops for the needy.  Some girls participated but it was really about the girls getting together and hanging out.  No one cared about taking a dog toy, they were excited about making Imovies with Chloe's Ipad.  I'll try and put them on here.  It was sure a beautiful day! :)

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