La Hacienda, Hot Springs

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bailey  Bigger was one of our sleepovers....look at
Gumball Waterson Smith in a jacket.....:)

Dr. Calico dressed as a Razorback Cheerleader, at least
he's taking a nap...he's got a good tolerance to him, obviously

Chloe and Whit in my front yard continuing to work on
digging one of the deepest holes in Cross County

Stella, Chloe and Whit at Garvan Gardens

The whole crew

The only photo I have of Oaklawn this Spring Break!

Jackie, Chloe and I
Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chloe is always thankful for Spring Break.  This year ours was spent with 4 sleep overs (yes, 4) and we ended the week in Hot Springs at Garvan Gardens and Oaklawn.  Add some swimming, Rocky's pizza and this fabulous Mexican restaurant and I'd say, "Well Done!", and it was.  I give Polly Hardin the shout out for suggesting this restaurant just down the road from our hotel.  She made a remark that its color resembles pepto bismal and it did but don't let that keep you from partaking in excellent Mexican fare.

We walked in and asked for a table of 12.  We were asked if we had a reservation, but it was 5:30 so we weren't sure about making one.  We were immediately seated and very well tended to.

 First of the all, the complimentary chips and salsa were excellent.  There is also a fiery hot green salsa that Martin let August get into and he screamed bloody murder because of its heat.  We also think he got a blister from the heat.  I didn't blister but it was super, stanking hot and I loved it.  The fresh, crispy chips were just right and refilled constantly.

Jackie got three enchiladas covered in a green chile sauce and he went on and on about it.  So I tried it and it was excellent, it seemed like lots of roasted Poblano chiles, cilantro and lime, delicious. Really good.  I ordered off the vegetarian section of the menu which had many offerings.  I had a vegan tamale, cheese enchilada with rice and fresh japs.  It was divine and I held back on truly licking my plate clean.

We had dessert back at the hotel for August's precious 2nd birthday.  We loved Polly's recommendation of La Hacienda, the efficient waitstaff and delicious homemade food.  It was so much better than we are used to locally.

Try La Hacienda next time you're in Hot Springs.  Don't let the color of the building make you drive on, drive on in and go on an empty stomach.  You'll leave amazed at the authentic food and totally happy with your meal, I promise!!

La Hacienda, 3836 Central, Hot Springs 501-525-8203  I didn't find a website but I did find many, many excellent reviews of the restaurant on Urban Spoon and Trip Advisor among many others.

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