Easter 2012, Birdeye

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jeanie's egg toss...the kids (and some adults who will
remain nameless) throw an egg onto a tree for the title
of the "best egg thrower"...
 Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Ya'll!  Chloe was up bright and early this morning, around 6:30 to be exact.  Since she gave up chocolate for Lent, she had eaten one of her chocolate bunnies first thing, cracks me up!  It was a great Easter.  Chloe's growing up so fast but totally still believes in the tooth fairy, Santa and the Easter bunny.  Let's hope it'll stay that way for a while!  Anyhow we had a fun Sunday school class decorating the cross, hunting for eggs and listening to a story.  The service was also wonderful since our church is blessed with a great interim pastor Bill Branch.  Jeanie invited everyone over for lunch after church and it was really nice.  We haven't had it since J.Harmon gave everyone the stomach flu in 2002 and Harmon's sister blamed it on the salad I made instead.  Needless to say, no one got sick this year and I didn't make anything because I was outta town most of the weekend thank goodness.  Jeanie's egg toss was fun too.  We've always enjoyed it even in the rain a few years back when we tossed eggs off the front porch into buckets, good times.

Jackie stayed over at the farm till 7 pm watching some golf game even though we had 30 pages of Benchmark quizzes to go over (I had asked them to handle that Friday and Saturday but they didn't of course) and a piano lesson.  Whatever!  Chloe and I handled it Easter afternoon and it was good.

It was a fun Easter. There is one thing I need to work on and that is interrupting people.  I was sitting at our high class table enjoying the excellent potluck (seated were Jim and Jimmie, Bonnie Sue, Carolyn and Mick, Jeanie and Bob Hardin) and our conversation.  We were discussing multiple trips to Colorado when Jackie totally interrupted, rudely, then thankfully Jim Shaver told a good story on Bonnie that cracked us all up.  It's a great one that I'll share later.  But I doubt Jackie could have heard Jim's story because we didn't interrupt them across the room.  Whew...now I feel better!
Listening to Margaret Woodruff read the Easter story
before decorating the cross

Dying the eggs....

I thought this would be a great photo...

Egg hunting.....August is so cute!

Chloe holding August during the cross
decorating, there's Julia Shepherd who
went with us to church and Seth Poindexter

Easter Egg hunt over at Kara's

I'm not sure which bunny this is...but Whit has 2 lop bunnies
(yes, Chloe's growing up!)

Memaw started letting the kids drive down her gravel road
and Chloe always asks us....she does pretty good over
the bridges that used to scare her 

Easter at Wynne Presbyterian includes decorating the
cross with flowers representing life with Jesus raised from
the dead.  There was an egg hunt right after....

Decorating the cross...yes Chloe loves to baby August

I can't crop this photo but here's a group shot after lunch
at Jeanie and Harmon's...Jeanie brought back the old tradition
of having Winnie Bob's brother Jim Shaver and family out
along with Harmon's two sisters that live in Wynne and Birdeye.
There were 28 there including Kara's parents

Jackie hates photographs...

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