Hanami Japanese Restaurant, College Park, MD

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Here's Chloe behind the Capital acting like she's holding
up the building....cracks me up!

Chloe took this during our Capital tour from Sen. Mark
Pryor's office....George Washington

We also toured the National Geographic Museum and saw
the new Titanic display.  Chloe made a video of it with
her Ipad for Whit.

Chloe took a quick photo at the Metro stop in Maryland
before we headed into DC the last day....Wendy and Me

Chloe at the Smithsonian Museum, it was a long, long
day with at least 10 miles of walking but she made it!

Mount Vernon was a total treat on Friday of the trip....
Here's Chloe, Maytal, Wendy, KK the dog, Ayelet and me
Friday, March 30, 2012

My BFF Wendy Koons Meir rented a house in Maryland for Spring Break this year and invited me to come along.  A shout out to my mother who offered to fly Chloe and I out there.  I considered driving but it's 15 hours from Birdeye and I'm so stinking glad I didn't try that with Chloe.  Anyhow, we arrived on Thursday in Washington DC and started our long weekend with a tour of the Capital via Senator Mark Pryor's office.  His super nice staffer Crystal was the bomb!  She was so sweet and informative about everything from where to be and stand while all the huge crowds who filtered through our nation's capital.  Looking around during the tour, I was so glad that Bess Heisler Ginty arranged us to have a tour. We met for dinner at Old Ebbitt's with Meredith Dalton, Jackie's cousin from Oklahoma City (crazy I know and I knew her brother John in high school), who totally made dinner fabulous.  We had a great time catching up.

Ok so with our tour of Mount Vernon and a fun time making fun of my Google App that totally had us in the wrong area, we had a great weekend.  Chloe and I also ventured out around the mall going first to the National Geographic Museum which strutted its new Titanic show (which is totally worth going to by the way, and was just a few days into its show at the museum) and then on to the Smithsonian's National Museum of History which was fabulous.  Chloe and I had been on the Metro since 9 am and walked around 10 miles I guess then back to the excellent Embassy Suites at Reagan Airport.  Chloe ordered room service (which generally is banned with me but...) so she could rest her rubber band legs and lemme say I thought I would die.  I'm going to blog it soon.  Yes blog on hotel room service because it was fantastic.

So...let's talk about the Hanami Japanese Restaurant in College Park, MD, which was totally full of the University of Maryland college students.  It was so stinking great....I'm just saying!  We had a fabulous waitress that had the water refilled and of course the food out lightning fast.  The place started filling up as we sat down and by the time we were outta there the place was packed.  And I noticed that they have a huge following of carry out.  They were sending to go orders out the whole time.  I'd say that's a sign of a good restaurant.

As I always do, I let Wendy pick the rolls we were to have and she picked the yellowtail which featured spicy yellowtail, crunch on the inside with wasabi tobiko on top and two off the specials menu that I didn't get a copy of.  I know one of them was a salmon roll.  I did get a salad, yes a salad, and so did Wendy.  She got the seaweed salad and went on and on educating me on the health benefits of seaweed, how it cleanses your body by attaching to the garbage in our systems.  She also made me eat more than my usual portion of pickled ginger because it neutralizes any foul, raw seafood in your system.  Mainly to keep me from upchucking if I had something this Arkansas body wasn't ready for.  And for the record, I was fine and full at the end, everything was outstanding.  For my salad, I had the avocado salad on top of iceburg lettuce (I can feel Kara cringing) topped with a viniagrette and seasame seeds.  It was divine and we shared the salads, I had a whole avocado to share and of course I needed some seaweed.  It was good, lite and crunchy.  I also partook in quite a bit of wasabi.  I love the spice in the soy sauce, it was delicious on all of the rolls.

No dessert for us, we were headed to the nearest gas station to get our Mega Million tickets.  I was excited that someone from Maryland had one of the winning tickets, too bad it wasn't one of ours!

Hanami Sushi has a fabulous website, check it out.  The rolls were divine as was our conversation.  You can't beat an old friend, juicy conversation and some spicy Japanese rolls!  When you're in College Park, Maryland, check out this sushi place, clean and delicious!

Mt Vernon

Hanami...it was filled with lots of University
of Maryland students, packed!

Hanami Sushi, 8145-M Baltimore Ave., College Park, MD, 301-982-9899  http://www.hanamijapanese.com/

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