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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our BBC group Saturday before our ride....we had a new
member of the BBC....Jon David King who was a champ
and rode his first clip-in road bike 24 miles....Yippee!

I ran into these guys in Texarkana Saturday morning on my
way home from Dallas helping a friend out with her dog.
They loved telling me they were "Team Jackass", if you look
at the photo you'll see it on their jersey.  There were about 15
riders...they were very visible and no one had a flag like mine!
Saturday, April 7, 2012
Let's get down to business....Bob Hardin, Kara's dad, was in
charge of the fish fry.  He caught all of the catfish in his
backyard in Russellville.  They live on Lake Dardanelle.

Kara graciously hosted a BBC bike ride on Saturday at 3 pm.  Her mother and dad were in town for Easter and helped put on her fish fry.  I usually bring something but today just beer and wine since I was in Dallas on Friday.

Bob brought his special fryer from Russellville and did a ton of fresh catfish and hush puppies.  They both were delicious and all of us enjoyed watching him spoon out the dough for the puppies.  It was so stinking fresh and delicious!  We also added some freshly pickled jalopenos chopped up from one of Kara's customers.  It made that spicy batch even more delicious.  I got Polly's recipe for the hush puppies and Bob did the cookin'.  It was a delicious spread!

Polly's Hush Puppies and Fish technique

Use House-Autry hush puppy mix with onions.  I add about 8- 10 diced green onions for each cup of mix that I mix up.  The jalapenos were an extra treat that Keeli will know about.
The breading for the fish was just yellow corn meal with salt added.  We put it in a paper grocery bag and shake it up with the fish--a little at a time as we cook it.

Here's Bob working his tail off....I do think Martin's over there
cooking the french fries.

I cannot wait to try Bob and Polly's fish and hush puppies! Within a minute in the oil, get them out and enjoy!  Of course draining on paper towels is key!  Martin cooked 3 bags of french fries that the kids devoured and there was cole slaw and all kinds of desserts.  Cecilia made some kind of bar cookie and it was divine!
The yummy finished product...the hush puppies!

Jack is helping Jon David get ready for Martino's old Bianchi,
We are so proud he made it 24 miles!!  
PS. I hope ya'll loved the photo from those Texarkana cyclists!  Here's their website, they are all getting ready for an iron man in May!  Maybe we all need to consider one?  They have a great website:

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