Cafe 7, Oklahoma City

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Angelia is trying to get out of another photo....
She picked Cafe 7 and it was delicious!

My John Marshall High School classmates and I have a
tradition during Thanksgiving break of meeting for
lunch and catching up...Leslie Johnson Williams, me,
 Angelia Pope Johnston and Lori Leiser Manning

I headed for Owen Field at Norman after lunch
with the was packed as always for the annual
Bedlam game...OU/OSU

CoCo and I had a great time!  She made it to the half!
OU won in Overtime 52-48

The Sooner Schooner had an accident a few years back so
they don't take the carriage past the 25 yard mark anymore

Saturday, November 25, 2012

My good friends from Oklahoma City picked Cafe 7 as our lunch spot for our annual get together and lemme tell you it was divine!  Cafe 7 is new to the OKC restaurant scene opening in 2009.  Owners Paul Sorrentino, Chris Kana and Jay Mays coin Cafe 7 as "a fast, casual restaurant with full service restaurant appeal."

 That's what we got at Cafe 7, everything is $7 or less and you can make whatever salad, sandwich or pizza for that price.  The concept offers value and fresh, flavorful food.  You order off of slips of paper where you can substitute and customize anything on their menu.  I ordered the Turkey and Guacamole sandwich without the cheese (duh, the guac has a ton of fat and calories already).  I skipped the chips and substituted the fresh fruit and added a side of mac and cheese.  It was very good and that mac was creamy penne mac and cheese that we all shared.  Leslie ordered the Pasta Primavera but scooted about a pound of pepperocini off to the side and said it made the whole dish taste that way.  When owner Chris Kana came by and she told him it had way, way too many peppers on it, he offered to make her a new one to go.  I couldn't believe that gesture and I was quite impressed by it.  He was also in his OSU shirt proudly serving his customers.

Everyone at our table kept commenting on how much they eat at Cafe 7 across the city and they said there is a location in Tulsa now too.  I loved my experience at Cafe 7, that sandwich was the perfect size and fresh.  Another thing about cafe 7 is that all the food is to come to your table within 7 minutes and that was just about right at our table.  Cafe 7 was a clean and neat, fast food restaurant that made for a great time catching up with my high school friends. I think there's a plan for them to head to Cross County soon and I cannot wait to show them around!

Cafe 7 (watch your GPS on your phone, if I hadn't looked up at the right moment, my phone had taken me to Quail Springs Mall with a u-turn and double back) 11014 N. May, Oklahoma City 405-748-3354

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