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Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Veterans Day

The fall leaves are amazing
Update: November 30, 2012

I took that thing off and I'm saving the rest of the sensors for training for the Little Rock Half Marathon in March.  I'm pumped about getting the training on!! Fire up BBC peeps!  It's my 6th Little Rock race yippee!
Six different colors in the carport...
Look at those models' does show the thin-ness
of the needle in the sensor but who has nails like this?

I cannot STAND this photo but for some reason I
think it shows what it is to wear this thing..Chloe
took 25 pictures tonight blurry, dark, blurry and then
finally she got this one...I hate my shirt showing like

The tape is peeling as it's gettin close to 7 days...
Sunday, November 11, 2012

My new endocrinologist Dr. Lisa Myers went on and on about me getting this new sensor at my last visit.  I got the Minimed crappy sensor 3 years ago when I wanted Jackie to be off the hook on having my glucometer at the half way point of an upcoming race.  So after that long and expensive journey in 1998, I have only worn a sensor on the local triathlons, Big Dam Bridge 50 mile bike rides and the few half marathons I've attempted.  And it's worked fine by the way.  I've made it just fine with my A1C's ranging in the upper 6's or lower 7's and somehow have kept my weight in my BMI range.  Well, honestly, I'm on the edge of the scale and I cannot gain one pound because then I'd have to lose weight.  Luckily Dr. Myers loves that I work out like I do and so far so good, she hasn't slapped me around for my waist size, yet.

Here's the transmitter...see I've had it in the car while
preparing dinner, hence the lack of bleeps on it and
had some wok, which is eggplant and chicken with
rice and probably didn't bolus enough plus I had a cookie
from the cookie preparing I did for the arts council for
tomorrow night...cookies are always good if it's only ONE...:)
She talked me into gettin this thing and I've had it on now for almost a week.  It's a large son of a gun and you have to have the transmitter device in your pocket or in your purse so it can communicate with the sensor.  You can turn off the sound so it'll vibrate instead which is good.  You can wear the sensor for a week instead of 3 days like the crappy Minimed one.  Dr. Myers wants to see trends so that's one thing I think I can report to her at my January visit.  I think a trend will help overall blood sugar control just like the benefits from exercise.  I've always said exercise is free insulin and cheaper too...:)

As in most everything, I like a pro, con, pro approach....

Pro: it can be on vibrate
Con: They are still $75 per week per sensor
Pro: not sure yet
Con: The sensor is huge, it protrudes on my waist at least 1-1/2 inches, the crappy Minimed one was flush with my body
Pro: not sure yet

So the jury's still out on the new part of my routine.  Here's what I found on the web about the Dexcom G4 Platinum:

And for some reason, the models on their website and in the "how to" video are models, skinny and beautiful.  Whatever and luckily my blog has deleted them, just sayin!

Because You Rule.

A good product is only as good as its application.
At Dexcom, we believe that the best CGM is the one patients will use which is why the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM was designed with you in mind. Check it out:


Life is colorful. Shouldn't you see your glucose in the same way?
For an added splash of color, our receivers now come in Classic black, Tickled Pink, and Ocean Blue - vibrant colors for the vibrant personality in you!


Designed for today's modern lifestyle, the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM Receiver is sleak and small and slips easily into a coin pocket.
And at 2.4 ounces, it's the lightest CGM around.

Lifestyle Conveniences

- simple to use, easy to wear!
- Transmission distance of up to 20 feet!
Tones/ Melodies
- Setting high or low ear-pleasing alerts!

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