Ryman Auditorium, Nashville

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We rode past this new building, we thought it was a new
country music museum but we forgot to stop and ask...
Saturday, October 27, 2012

I love the Ryman Auditorium...Jackie and I went in 2009 to see Sheryl Crow.  That was the year she was engaged to Lance Armstrong.  At the concert, Sheryl wore a white slip dress and had a beautiful diamond ring on and she made a comment that Lance was there and they were getting married that night.  I wasn't sure she was joking or not.  It was a great concert that promoted her Wildflower album that was dedicated to him.  Well, 3 days after that February concert, they split.  I was so sad for her!  And just months after that she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  We were able to see her again that same year at the Orpheum in Memphis after her lumpectomy and radiation.  Another excellent concert we had at yet another splendid venue near our home.  So the Ryman...what a lovely place to hear music, to be with history, to be, really.  And so on my second concert in the music city we brought our bikes and toured around before the concert then on Sunday morning before returning.

The Ryman housed the Grand Ole Opry and first opened as the Union Gospel Tabernacle.  It seats 2,362.  I would say Alanis had the place sold out.  It is a very intimate setting and I would guess the seats in the balcony, that come way over the floor seats (see my photo), are pretty good seats. Here's a wikipedia description of the Ryman:

The auditorium first opened as the Union Gospel Tabernacle in 1892. It was built by Thomas Ryman (1843–1904), a riverboatcaptain and Nashville businessman who owned several saloons. Ryman conceived of the auditorium as a tabernacle for the influential revivalist Samuel Porter Jones.[3] After Ryman's death, the Tabernacle was renamed Ryman Auditorium in his honor. Architect Hugh Cathcart Thompson designed the structure.
It was used for Grand Ole Opry broadcasts from 1943 until 1974, when the Opry built a larger venue just outside Nashville at theOpryland USA theme park. (In an effort to maintain continuity with the Opry's storied past, a large circle was cut from the floor of the Ryman stage and inlaid into the center of the new Opry stage.) The Ryman then sat mostly vacant and fell into disrepair until 1992 when Emmylou Harris and her band, the Nash Ramblers, performed a series of concerts there (the results of which appeared on her album At the Ryman). The Harris concerts renewed interest in restoring the Ryman, and it was reopened as an intimate performance venue and museum in 1994. Audiences at the Ryman find themselves sitting in pews, the 1994 renovation notwithstanding. The seating is a reminder of the auditorium's origins as a house of worship, hence giving it the nickname "The Mother Church of Country Music".
The Ryman Auditorium was included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1971, and was further designated a National Historic Landmark in 2001.[2][4] In 1980 parts of Coal Miner's Daughter were filmed there, including a part where Patsy Cline comes onstage after being absent following a car wreck and a part where Ernest Tubb asks Loretta Lynn to come out and play for the good folks.

The Ryman is such a wonderful venue for a concert and being in the building that has seen Vince Gill, K.D. Lang, Allison Krause, Beck, Erasure, Bob Dylan, Trisha Yearwood and the list goes on and on and on....
There are a ton of hotels near the Ryman as it sits right behind Broadway.  We didn't visit any of the neat spots like Tootsie's this trip.  We love Nashville and its history, food and music.

The wonderful bike lanes from
downtown Nashville to Vanderbilt.
This is on music row
The Ryman was packed for the concert

This is her husband Mario Treadway, who rapped for an hour
while we waited for Alanis to come out....

This is a  bronze statue of Minnie Pearl and Roy Acuff
I thought it was a little much that this lady sat on Roy's lap...
just sayin....:)

Chloe surprised me with this self portrait....I love her grin!

The hall behind the auditorium is filled with
posters of the musicians that have played there.
Look at those mustard tights under short denim shorts....

A neat view of the hall

I love Sheryl Crow....

Jackie couldn't take it when I was taking photos during the
concert but it was allowed, tons of smart phones were lit
up all across the place.  All the flashes didn't seem to bother her

The lights on inbetween Mario and Alanis

I loved the concert!

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