Turkey Trot 5K, Edmond

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

CoCo and Jackie

Chloe wore that hat most of the
race...she cracks me up!
Chloe took this picture of mom's dog Jack...he's a pistol!

Coco and Jackie had some time for a wrestling
match in the living room Thanksgiving night...

Mother gave us tickets to see the OKC Thunder play the
LA Clippers...these guys were behind the goal, a shirtless
guy, a Sasquatch and another shirtless guy in a cape...They
were running up and down the isle cracking us up!

That game went into overtime and the Thunder won!

Barbie Barton Greer and her husband
Bill went with us to the game.  Barbie
and I were BFF's in high school, it
was great catching up!

The Friday after Thanksgiving we went to Weatherford
to see my Grandfather Glenn who's 85 and my grandmother
Melva who's 83...they are busy, busy on the farm and made
an excellent lunch for everyone.  It's always great to see them!

Again Blogger is crazy, here is a
photo of some people dressed
up at the Turkey Trot 5K with
their pets...Chloe wanted to bring
her dogs but they don't travel well...:)
Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!  Jackie and I had Chloe entered in our 3rd Turkey Trot 5K in Edmond that gives its proceeds to the local food bank.  I'd say they had 3,000 runners.  I haven't been running and barely finished that thing in 30 minutes.  Chloe and Jackie hung together this year during the race. I added some other photos of the week in Edmond.  We went out to eat at Lottinville's in Edmond for Thanksgiving lunch and it was great.  Mom and Gary made dinner for us that night then I got some Black Friday shopping in before going to Weatherford.  The night before the 5K, mother gave us tickets to the OKC Thunder game that was packed.  I haven't been to very many NBA games (I'd say just to the Phoenix Suns back in 1995) but I can say that OKC has really rallied behind the Thunder (and they are the defending NBA champs).  The Chesapeake Arena was packed and loud, start to finish.  I'm excited that the city has the team (they also have a minor league baseball team the OKC Redhawks (Houston Astros)).

The Turkey Trot 5K is a great family event.  I'd give a suggestion to the race director about marking off the finish line, we all had to dodge strollers, dogs and spectators to get to the finish line.  I think it's a great way to start Thanksgiving... a little exercise before a lot of turkey makes for a great day!

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