City Grocery, Oxford, MS

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The balcony at City Grocery

By the time we left the streets were packed...

A view from the Square Bookstore on a
corner of the square....

I know you have seen this book of a Pomeranian
Boo, the World's Cutest Dog...
Chloe's now HOOKED...:)

The bookstore has 3 had more signed
copies of books than I've ever seen in a bookstore

When City Grocery tried to deliver CoCo a good lunch (and
it was delicious to me) she had to have some frozen yogurt
from Zaza's on the square...yep she had some gummy worms
to top it off...and yes she's related to this diabetic...I'm thankful
that research has shown that type 1 is insulin dependant which
means my pancreas doesn't work and type 2 is from lack of diet
and exercise....Chloe does have my innate sweet tooth...
that's for real....and that Tart Yogurt was delicious I will say!
Saturday, November 10, 2012

I googled City Grocery when Chloe and I got to talking about what they'd have on their children's menu for lunch.  I suggested that she could just get a Lunchable, which is a favorite at Memaw and Grandad's house, if there wasn't anything she'd like.  I assumed we could get that at a grocery/diner which I expected from its name.  You'd think that too right?  Well, City Grocery opened in 1992 in "a Reconstruction-era livery stable on the Courthouse Square, City Grocery began serving north Mississippi’s most innovative faire with Chef John Currence at the helm of his first restaurant venture."   Chloe and I were immediately bashed by our tour guide, AKA Jackie, who told us he wasn't taking us to a grocery store for lunch but "City Grocery".  It kinda reminded me of "this isn't just lunch, it's FRIDAY LUNCH AT GALATOIRE'S!" from last December when I didn't understand the importance of the restaurant.  If you haven't read my blog about Galatoire's, you should.  Chloe and I didn't take it personally because this was our first trip to the college town.  We were running a few minutes late for our 11:30 lunch reservation for an afternoon in the old college town and before the Vanderbilt vs. Ole Miss football game.  I tell Chloe all the time about the importance of college and getting mulitple degrees and told her that this could be a campus she might want to consider since two Wynne High School graduates are freshmen this year.  We'll see about that, I had my worries after seeing the fashion, the sunglasses and the garb in the Grove before the game.

Reservations are a must at City Grocery, the place was packed when we got there and even more so when we left.

We were promptly seated in the middle of the restaurant.  It was very, very bright with a huge glare from the sun in the front windows.  It needed to be tamed somewhat, I couldn't see the faces on anyone at the door or nearby.  I know the time had just changed but it was a little much and got no better during our lunch.  The menu was very interesting.  I loved that they "source all vegetables, proteins, fruits and other food products locally as often as we can".  And there's nothing better than a Mark Twain quote too on the menu as this one, "Go to heaven for the climate, hell for the company".

I totally enjoyed trying to decide between the Grilled Goat Cheese sandwich, yes Kara, there is such a thing and I'm going to have to try and make it at Birdeye, or the Adobo Rubbed Pork Belly Cuban.  I don't like to brag, but I can make a really good Cuban at home.  I usually try and pull this style sandwich out on Jackie when he's in a pork low.  Our waitress recommended the goat cheese as the pork belly would be "too fatty".  That deliciousness Goat cheese sandwich was served on homemade wheat bread with basil pesto and roasted tomatoes.  Yes, I did.  I licked the plate clean.  Not a scrap of bread was left to take to my chickens.  Hmmm...just thinking about it makes me wanna try and replicate it.  So I will try.

There is no children's menu at City Grocery but I knew that the kitchen, like most in the south, would be able to offer Chloe something in her department, even if it would be reminiscent of a Lunchable.  She ordered fried catfish with ketchup and homemade potato chips.  It was really good, well seasoned catfish and the chips were crispy and light.

Jackie ordered the Green Chili and Avocado soup, it's a cold soup but very creamy and had an underlying kick to it.  It must have been pablano chiles and maybe a little adobe paste in there too.  It was good and fit with his spicy Bloody Mary.  He ordered the obvious for a Jackster, the Eggplant and Oyster Gratin.  It was petite but "great" he said.  It looked good from my angle too.

Oh I forgot to mention the salad I ordered to share but I had no takers.  I got the Asparagus Ceviche with pickled asparagus, crab meat, cucumber, romaine, roasted red peppers, avocado and citrus vinaigrette.  It was really good, small and very light.  All three qualities I like in a lunch salad, or appetizer I expected from a ceviche, which is a Peruvian appetizer.

We enjoyed City Grocery Saturday among the restaurant full of Ole Miss students and Alumni.  I think we were the only Vanderbilt alums in the place.  Great service, great food and a ladies room in tip top shape gets a gold star from me even though our lunch bill was $96.95 before tip.

City Grocery,152 Courthouse Square, Oxford, MS 38655 (662) 232-8080.  Check out their website:

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